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Reaux's Bio


Reaux is a 21year-old up and coming artist with a passion and love for music and well-being. He wants his music to be directed towards anyone who feels low at times or feels misunderstood.
Reaux is a Baritone/Tenor, he plays a bit of piano, but his main instrument is his voice. He has an alternative R&B/Soul vibe to each of his songs. He gains inspiration from Etta James, Freddie Mercury, Lauren Hill, & H.E.R.

Reaux was in born Walnut Creek California and spent his childhood years in Antioch, California and now lives in Monterey, California with his family. Mariner has always loved music. His love for music first started in the 4th grade when his class sang the National Anthem for the Giants Game. His real love for music started in Middle School with his discovery of Elvis Presley & Freddie Mercury. This eventually led him to find Soul through Etta James and R&B through Lauren Hill. Tai’s interests have increased since then. Now, he is working on his own songs and getting ready for his Release. You can find him on Instagram @reauxofficial.


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